Thursday, January 06, 2005

Gold Manipulation Ending

"It is our opinion that the gold suppression cartel is having a hard time finding enough gold to suppress prices. For the time being German and IMF gold is locked up. If they still have 6,000 tons between them that leaves 27,000 tons. If you subtract about 3,000 for France and 2,000 for Italy, you get 22,000 tons and that is the figure we believe they are at. We believe that 22,000 tons has been either sold or leased. If we are correct, all official sources either are out of gold, won’t, or cannot sell or lease anymore to suppress gold. That only leaves naked derivatives for market suppression, which is enormously dangerous. We may be near the end of the suppression of gold by central banks. What else could one believe after Germany’s refusal to sell their gold, after all the publicity that they were going to do so. We do not believe the French and Italians would be anxious to sell after the German fiasco. The possible political fallout might even tempt some central banks that had leased gold to recall it after its lease term was up. Lease terms are usually one to six months. Then you have the large producers who are hedging. They have to be extremely uncomfortable with Germany’s decision. Germany’s decision sets the mental and physical stage for gold for 2005. Its decision means the gold cartel’s manipulation of gold is close to an end."

Better get you some. Silver would be better.


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